Gary Wysin
Kansas State University Physics
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Papers in Print, Sorted by General Topics: (or see --> Complete Chronological Publication List )

Magnetic Vortices in Circular Magnetic Dots:

Effects of Spin Vacancies on Magnetic Vortices:

Optical Modes, Bistability, Faraday and other Optical Effects:

Fine Magnetic Particle Hysteresis:

Easy-Plane Magnets and General Magnetic Vortex Properties:

Magnetic Vortices: Normal Modes of Oscillation:

Vortices and Dynamic Spin Correlations:

Spin Dynamics and Correlations in Isotropic Heisenberg Antiferromagnets:

Spin Dynamics in Other Symmetries (Easy-Axis, etc.):

Solitons in Easy-Plane Magnetic Chains:

General Statistical Mechanics Theory:

Unpublished Reports:

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