K-State Physics News

Department Announces Candidates for Fall 2016 Graduation

Sayre Announced As Recipient of Fall 2016 Faculty Development Award

Kansas EPSCoR AMO Physics Researcher Delivers Words of Encouragement to Hispanic STEM Students

Physicists film first 'tango' of an electron pair in an atom

Quarknet teacher studies cosmic rays

Physics undergraduate one of 6 students selected to promote undergraduate research at Kansas State University

Physicists use lasers to capture first snapshots of rapid chemical bonds breaking

Emporia State Planetarium to Host Physics University Distinguished Professor Ratra

Growing gold: Researchers develop gold nanowires for biomedical procedures

Physics Department Members Named Distinguished Researchers

San Francisco State's Kim Coble to present inclusivity lecture

Physics Graduate Student Wins Best Poster Award

Meet Bethany Jochim: Physics doctoral student studies laser-molecule interactions

Physics graduate research assistant Utuq Ablikim awarded fellowship

J.R. Macdonald Lab receives nearly $8 million DOE grant renewal

Ratra to Speak at Notre Dame

Nebraska student travels to Kansas State University to conduct summer research in AMO Physics

Latin American Center of Physics (CLAF) promotes scientific exchange with Kansas State University

Kansas Physics and Physical Science Teachers "Model the Unseen" in their lesson planning with the assistance of Kansas NSF EPSCoR AMO Researchers

Rudenko & Rolles collaborate on new X-ray method that allows scientists to probe molecular explosions

Kansas State University researchers invent, patent new class of lasers

Physics professors awarded supplement to National Science Foundation grant

Department's 2016 Newsletter Now Available Online

Physics professor presents invited talk at the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics annual meeting

Physics Outstanding Graduate Student Awardees Named

Physics Department congratulates spring graduates

Reichert Puts a New Spin on his Career in Physics during K-State Physics Colloquium

University selects faculty member as distinguished professor

Physics university support staff employees to be recognized at the 2016 USS Recognition Ceremony

K-State Physics Graduate Students Participate in Congressional Visits Day

Zollman to Be Recognized at 2016 Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony and Reception

Princeton Cosmologist to Present 2016 Peterson General Public Lecture in Physics

A movie of the microworld: Physicists create nanoparticle picture series

Fulbright Scholar to Conduct Research with Physics Researchers

Physics Students to Participate in GRAD Research Forum

Chakrabarti and his former student, alumni Richard Zajac, among six K-State educators to receive Presidential Awards for outstanding work

Kansas Optical Society Hosts MIT Researcher's Colloquium on Laser Beam Combining

Physics faculty among K-State faculty earning promotions and receiving tenure

Michelle Munson (BS' 96) among Alumni honored for career success

Physics Department to Host Jefferson Science Fellow Lecture on Climate Change

Physicist Sowjanya Gollapinni featured in Quarknet Friday Flyer

Physics postdoc and Fermilab Intensity Frontier fellow Sowjanya Gollapinni featured in "Why I Love Neutrinos" video

Physicist to Present Lecture Highlighting Gravitational Waves

Physics & Journalism dual major's work in science journalism wins prestigious Best in Festival award

Physics Alumni and CEO of Aspera Inc., Michelle Munson, to speak on birth and growth of high-speed transport platform on March 3 at 3 pm

Understanding Einstein: Cosmologist explains discovery of gravitational waves

Amit Chakrabarti to serve as interim dean of College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Glenn Horton-Smith to present the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics Lecture Series describing Neutrinos: The Best-Understood "Ghost Particle" in Nature on Monday, February 22 at 4:30 pm in CW 102

Wildcat Watch student-produced videos explain science

Scholarly boost: Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry awards spring grants to Physics Majors

Kansas State Polytechnic names physics professor (and K-State Physics alum) Richard Zajac winner of Marchbanks Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence