2013 Ernest Fox Nichols Distinguished Alumni Lecture


Michelle Munson

B.S. in Physics & Electrical Engineering (1996) from Kansas State University

Michelle Munson

I was You

The Story of How a KSU Physics and Engineering Grad Came to Create a Technology and Start a Company that Has Transformed the World of Data Transfer

October 14, 2013

4:30 pm

Hale Library, Hemisphere Room

Michelle Munson, 1996 graduate of K-State in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and co-founder and CEO of Aspera Inc. (asperasoft.com) details the story of how she created a new technology and company that has transformed large data transfer over the Internet. Aspera's technology
provides breakthrough high performance data transfer and synchronization regardless of Internet distance, data size, or network conditions. Thanks to industry adoption, the technology was awarded a 2014 Engineering Emmy for transforming the digital media industry. It is used today by over 2,000 companies to transfer large data sets, making it one of the most recognized
software startups with over 100X growth since its inception. Michelle explains how her K-State experience, lifetime education in science, engineering, and mathematics starting in Chapman schools, and her life experiences and relationships have woven together to make this journey possible, and the lessons learned in course.

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