Spring 2023 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 pm in 102 Cardwell Hall unless stated otherwise. Colloquium refreshments are hosted in 119 Cardwell Hall. Talk titles and abstracts can be found in the title links below.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
2/16 Ruaridh Forbes Stanford Univ. T. Bolton

Investigating Ultrafast Dynamics in Polyatomic Molecules with Inner-shell Ionization

2/20 Lea Ibele

University Paris-Saclay

T. Bolton Towards full in-silico photochemical experiments: Nonadiabatic dynamics from model systems to complex photoinduced molecular processes
2/23 Meng Han ETH Zurich T. Bolton

Circular polarization from strong-field physics to attosecond science


Anna Bondarenko Northwestern University T. Bolton

Theoretical and Computational Modeling of Light-Matter Interactions


Patrica Zandbergen New York University T. Bolton Simulation and control of ultrafast dynamics: Light-matter interactions at the femto- and attosecond time scales


Haiwang Yong University of California - Irvine
T. Bolton Capturing Electronic and Nuclear Motions in Molecules by Ultrashort Hard X-Rays


Raj Kumar Pal K-State Mech. Eng. J. Schmit Wave propagation in elastic meta-structures: beyond conventional limitations


Rick Zajac K-State Salina Integrated Studies-Physics T. Bolton The Numerical Wizardry behind Teval Adjusted Scores