Condensed, Soft, and Biological Matter Seminar

Spring 2023

All colloquia are held at 1:30 pm in 119 Cardwell Hall unless stated otherwise.

Date Speaker Institution Title
2/10 Jeremy Schmit K-State Physics Electrostatic Control Over DNA Condensation
3/3 Claudia Morello K-State Physics Analysis of Cryovolcanoes on Enceladus via Light Scattering and Polarimetry


Spring Break K-State Physics
3/24 Arjun Nepal K-State Physics Synthesis, Characterization and Stable Aqueous Dispersion of Surfactant-Assisted Hydrophilic Detonation Graphene Nanosheets
3/31 Chris Sorensen K-State Physics Hydrograph Update
4/7 Ashif Akram K-State Physics Chiral Moelcules on Curved Colloidal Membranes
4/14 Raiya Ebini K-State Physics Light scattering for the in-situ study of soot produced by burning contaminated fuel with heavy metal ions
4/21 Terry Salava K-State Physics Nonspecific Binding of Chaperones to RNA and
its Effect on Kinetics
4/28 Lucas Paulien K-State Physics Modeling of scattering by soot particles and multiple cylinders
5/5 Shamna Trivedi | Cade Ifland K-State Physics

Trivedi: TBA

Ifland: Active area normalization of calcite crystal growth rates