Financial Information

We offer full financial support to admitted students unless they indicate they would like to attend on their own funds. THis support is offered by either a teaching or research assistantship.

Support packages are the same for both foreign and domestic students, and are offered for the duration of the graduate education period, contingent upon reasonable progress toward the degree. ALL graduate students are eligible for in-state tuition and fees.


The Physics graduate student stipend for 2022 is approximately $23,400.

Most students will have a GTA their first academic year here and a GRA for the remainder of their studies. The precise financial details will be spelled out in our offer letter, but generally they will include a tuition waiver and a nine-month salary to carry you through the first academic year. To earn this salary, you will be required to teach lab and/or recitation (problem-solving) courses and to grade papers and exams. We strive to keep the load fair and manageable since you will have your own coursework to complete and a research group to locate.

Beginning the summer after the first academic year, most students join the research group they will complete their Ph.D. with. A research group provides a GRA for you to work on research that will eventually lead to your degree. A GRA provides a year-round salary that is comparable to or higher than a GTA.


For both GRA and GTA students, tuition is paid in full. Please note that when you move to a GRA, the amount of your tuition benefit is counted as taxable income.


There are university fees that are charged to students. GTAs are responsible for the payment of these fees. GRAs have their fees paid by their research advisor.

Fees include the following at current rates for 2022-23 from Cashiers & Student Acccounts.

  • Student Services Fee: $53.27 per credit hour
  • College Fees: $25 per credit hour
  • International Student Fee (per term): $200


All graduate students are eligible for a healthcare package. Current information about the graduate student healthcare package can be found in The Kansas State University Office of Human Resources.