Peer Comparison in Terms of Research Funding

The best source of information about the relative ranking of physics departments is the National Science Foundation's list of external support for research funding. The list provides data on the amount of support provided from external sources and from all sources. The funding from external sources is particularly useful because these funds are based on peer-reviewed grant application and, thus, represent a view of our Department as compared to other physics departments in the eyes of our peers. The most recent data which NSF has released are from 2011 for 477 Universities.

See Table 26.

On funding for physics for research, Kansas State University ranks:

  • 59th among 477 Institutions
  • 1st among Regent designated peer institutions (includes North Carolina State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State and Oregon State)
  • 2nd in Big 12 (includes Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Kansas, Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas Christian)

While K-State's Department of Physics ranks quite well by any standards, it is important to note that NSF does not correct for size of faculty. For a graph that shows where we stand in research funding per faculty member, see the Bragging Rights section.

AMO Ranking

Our Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics program was ranked 13th nationally by the latest US News & World Reports (2010).